On my favorite Facebook meme

If you are in Facebook, you have probable seen this “Polish proverb” (I have no idea where it comes from, and I sort of doubt the authority of someone randomly posting things on Facebook). It has become my new favorite mantra.



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  1. Fresh. Clever. I’ve never heard that phrase before.

    Now just imagine if the phrase was “Not my circus. Not my elephants.” Still a circus animal and still thought provoking. But definitely conveys a different (and to my mind less effective) message.

  2. PS. Loved the drawing. Have you ever considered doing a comic strip? You’ve definitely got an abundance of material (otherwise known as life lessons), observation skills and the sarcasm necessary to pull it off.

    You can stop laughing now. I’m serious!

  3. No, I hadn’t thought of that, Jonny! My drawing, er, “skill” is such that drawing that monkey took a good ninety minutes and about seven tries. But I’m having fun!

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