How a Book Is Born, Part 11

In an earlier blog post, I talked about how writing this novel in a short period of time has required me to change some of my processes. The main changes include researching and rewriting as I go along, instead of making one mad dash to get the first draft complete and then revising to backfill what was left out.

Having the opportunity to learn something new — to learn, for example, how to change my process, and to understand that I can change my process — is why challenges like these matter. Not because change for the sake of change is good, but because fossilizing is generally bad for you. There is no one way to do anything; there are lots of ways to accomplish a goal (or to do the work).

Developing various methods of doing the work is A Good Thing. The tricks I have had to learn and will learn to get through this challenge will come in handy down the road.

What I want is to know that I can do the work no matter what. Even if old habits fail me. This challenge is stressful, but it’s also useful. It’s an exercise that makes me a stronger writer.