On the Many Faces of Me

So, I have been on a hiatus since Jessica’s good news this summer, in order to plan my strategy for taking over the world as a result of finally having the chance, and while I know you only missed the stories about Jessica, and not me, I am going to tell you a story about me anyway. Then I promise I will start telling more Jessica stories.

As you know, my life with Jessica is mostly about trying to figure out how to get from one disaster to the next without loss of limb, and having a reprieve from this adventure was unexpected and also I didn’t know what to do. I dithered around for a while. “I should do something!” I told myself. “Something I couldn’t do before!” And then I ate a lot of chocolate and re-read Agatha Christie.

Finally, though, I got hold of myself and said, “Now is the time to bring together all of your selves in one spot, and let everyone know the true extent of your insanity, and that’ll be interesting.”

And so I talked to a blog designer who is accustomed to me (always a key component in hiring someone to work with me) and we came up with this website tweak. It’s not hugely different from what it was, but it does include all of my selves, and what we have been working on.

There’s moi, Jennifer Lawler, whom you all know, and there’s Jenny Jacobs, whom some of you know as the sentimental version of me who writes sweet romances. There’s Alicia Thorne, who writes hot and thinks Jenny Jacobs is ridiculous. And finally, there’s Jessica Starre, who writes everything else. Jessica Starre was named by my daughter Jessica, in case you did not guess that already, because Jessica is the best name in the world, and also a good pen name will have some version of a star in it, because stars are extremely important in the cosmology of our world.

I hope you’ll take a few minutes to noodle around a bit to find out what I (or should I say “we”) have been up to lately. And I promise to be back soon with stories about Jessica.






  1. Now that I have “met” your alters, I have a whole new list of books that I must read. Thank you!

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