On having one of those days

I like to think I am a highly organized, super-together individual who happens to be a writer, and not one of those flighty people we often imagine when we think of the word “writer.” But sometimes I am one of those flighty people.

So I started by spending fifteen minutes looking for my glasses.


And yes indeed it turns out I was wearing them.

Then I went to the grocery store. The cashier had this amazing mountain of blonde hair.


She was equally amazed by how much soy sauce I was buying. The thing is, I always forget to buy soy sauce, and then I don’t have any for the stir fry, and I am disappointed. What I failed to remember is that I no longer forget to buy soy sauce; I have forty-seven bottles of soy sauce. But I keep forgetting that I no longer forget soy sauce.

Then I lost my glasses again.


Which was just so annoying.