When I first began training in the martial arts, I had to learn to trust my teachers–when they said I could do something I didn’t think I could do, I had to try. Then I would discover that I could do the thing. As I became more accomplished in theContinue Reading

All of her sexytime romances have been bundled into one big package (hee-hee) for one incredibly low price. For less than the price of a latte, you can snuggle up to four of Alicia’s favorite heroes. Okay, “four of” suggests Alicia has more heroes, but she doesn’t; she got into aContinue Reading

The title to this post will make no sense to you if you are not a writer, and if you are a writer, it will probably make you flinch, although it is true that some people enjoy torturing themselves. The last time I did NANOWRIMO, I learned five things: 1.Continue Reading

It is turning colder here, and we’ve already had our first fire and roasted s’mores. I am thinking of my summer vacation, which was, to say the least, a curious one. But time smooths out the weird parts and I get to keep the good stuff.Continue Reading