Yesterday, someone kept telling me I was “superhuman” because I’ve dealt with challenges. I’m a mother who loves her daughter and made some sacrifices. That doesn’t make me superhuman. That make me a parent. In the past, I’ve been called “inhuman” because I had to make brutal, agonizing decisions aboutContinue Reading

Whenever I look in the mirror, I’m always surprised to see all the silver in my hair. How did that happen? Last I checked, I was nineteen. Of course, with a twenty-year-old daughter, I can’t still be nineteen but I can pretend. A few weeks ago, I started re-reading theContinue Reading

An excerpt from The Improbable Adventures of a Middle-Aged Woman (now available!) The cab driver has intense crazy eyes. I see this right away as he stands by his cab, waiting for a fare. The crazy eyes make him my kind of guy so I hand over the bags andContinue Reading

So after a few weeks of deadlines and days of characters not doing what they are supposed to be doing, and thinking that maybe I should have become an accountant after all, I found out that just last week, Crimson Romance’s Summer Heat bundle, which features Alicia Thorne‘s novel, InventingContinue Reading

Lessons in Magic is now available! Jessica Starre is thrilled to have another book released by Crimson Romance. See below for the blurb. Everyone in the small town of Bridge Haven, Missouri, knows that the not-so-dearly-departed Edna Bixley was a witch. Except her niece, Phoebe Cabot, who has never paidContinue Reading