On Aging Well

Whenever I look in the mirror, I’m always surprised to see all the silver in my hair. How did that happen? Last I checked, I was nineteen. Of course, with a twenty-year-old daughter, I can’t still be nineteen but I can pretend.

A few weeks ago, I started re-reading the Travis McGee mystery/suspense series by John D. MacDonald and realized I loved them as much as always. Some of the attitudes are a bit outdated but McGee was surprisingly ahead of his times. In contrast, a suspense novel written by Helen MacInnes (who was very popular around the time of WWII) didn’t hold up as well. I’d enjoyed it when I was younger but couldn’t even finish it now.

Have you ever re-read a beloved story only to find it hasn’t weathered the years well? Do tell!

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On my feuding alter egos

Jenny Jacobs is in a snit today. She’s all, “Do you know what She did? She gave Jessica Starre’s name to Lessons in Magic! And you know I wrote that, because it’s a sweet romance, and even the editor was asking, Isn’t this a Jenny Jacobs novel? And I’m all yes, but She’s like, I have too many goddamned pen names so I’m consolidating. Which is like murder, am I right? Someone should call the police.”

Lessons in Magic

Her snit was not improved by the news that Jessica Starre’s novel, Children of the Wolves, is part of Crimson Romance’s Love Uncharted bundle, which you can snag for just 99 cents starting November 3. That’s a collection of eight full-length novels for the change you can scrounge out of your sofa cushions.

Love Uncharted photo

She was only slightly mollified to learn that her novel The Winter Promise will also be released in a bundle, this one called Winter Dreams, which will release on December 8.


Some fun news!

So after a few weeks of deadlines and days of characters not doing what they are supposed to be doing, and thinking that maybe I should have become an accountant after all, I found out that just last week, Crimson Romance’s Summer Heat bundle, which features Alicia Thorne‘s novel, Inventing Sin, hit the ARe bestseller list!

How sweet is that? Or maybe I should ask, how spicy?

summer heat cover

Lessons in Magic on sale now!

Lessons in Magic is now available! Jessica Starre is thrilled to have another book released by Crimson Romance. See below for the blurb.

Lessons in Magic

Everyone in the small town of Bridge Haven, Missouri, knows that the not-so-dearly-departed Edna Bixley was a witch. Except her niece, Phoebe Cabot, who has never paid the gossips any mind. Since she was just let go from her job (“fired” sounds so harsh), Phoebe has agreed to get Edna’s house ready to put on the market.

When a sweet little stray dog shows up, Phoebe has no idea that it’s actually a demon. Or that she’s the one who inadvertently caused its appearance.

But Noah Rossi knows, and he’s determined to stop Phoebe’s meddling in matters she doesn’t understand. The trouble is, Phoebe can’t seem to stop summoning demons. What can one extremely sexy but slightly in-over-his-head wizard do to keep her from accidentally destroying the universe?

Some good news!

One of my lighthearted paranormal romances, Lessons in Magic, has been accepted for publication by Crimson Romance, and will be out on September 1.  Yay!

NOTE: Jessica Starre would like to make it clear that she is the alter ego responsible for this work and that it will be coming out under her name. She thinks I don’t give her enough credit, and she’s all, “You like Jenny Jacobs better!” Which is not true! I love all of us equally.




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