One of my favorite stories is the one that goes, “Someday everything in my life will calm down and I will finally get a chance to [fill in the blank].”  It would probably help to calm things down if I didn’t keep moving from city to city, but I alwaysContinue Reading

When I moved to Los Angeles, I started writing the sequel to my earlier memoir (The Improbable Adventures of a Middle-Aged Woman). I kept written journals but something kept nagging at me to draw. I am not by any stretch of the imagination an artist. This did not stop meContinue Reading

Yesterday, someone kept telling me I was “superhuman” because I’ve dealt with challenges. I’m a mother who loves her daughter and made some sacrifices. That doesn’t make me superhuman. That make me a parent. In the past, I’ve been called “inhuman” because I had to make brutal, agonizing decisions aboutContinue Reading

Whenever I look in the mirror, I’m always surprised to see all the silver in my hair. How did that happen? Last I checked, I was nineteen. Of course, with a twenty-year-old daughter, I can’t still be nineteen but I can pretend. A few weeks ago, I started re-reading theContinue Reading

An excerpt from The Improbable Adventures of a Middle-Aged Woman (now available!) The cab driver has intense crazy eyes. I see this right away as he stands by his cab, waiting for a fare. The crazy eyes make him my kind of guy so I hand over the bags andContinue Reading