Embracing mediocrity

Me, on LinkedIn: Geez, you people are wound so tight. It’s just hustle hustle hustle, be A-MAH-ZING 24/7, be so good no one can ignore you . . . y’all make me need a nap. I mean, even mediocre people deserve to make a living.

Gen Y person: I was a member of the Mediocre Club in high school.

Me: I just . . . wow.

Gen Y person: Yeah, we had meetings that we didn’t always show up for.

Me: I’m . . . I think I love you.

Gen Y person: I wonder what happened to Doug. He used to wear a cape.


Gen Y person: And we all turned out pretty average.

Me: I . . .would you be insulted if I offered you an honorary membership in Gen X?

Gen Y person: I would be delighted.