It’s a good thing I brought a notebook

I’m spending the summer in Spain, which is the upside of being a freelancer, although I also have to work while I’m here, which is the downside of not being independently wealthy.

I was on a bus to Seville when I had an idea for a new fantasy novel, which I probably didn’t need, given that I have a bunch of other projects that require attention.

But I do like having something new on my plate. I guess it gives reassurance that the idea well won’t run dry. It hasn’t so far, but what if someday it does? (I think most writers worry/wonder about this at least occasionally.)

I rarely talk about new projects because that seems to drain them of their energy and me of the motivation to write them, so that’s about all I’m going to say.

Except that I think it’s going to be a really good one that you’ll enjoy!