On Aging Well

Whenever I look in the mirror, I’m always surprised to see all the silver in my hair. How did that happen? Last I checked, I was nineteen. Of course, with a twenty-year-old daughter, I can’t still be nineteen but I can pretend.

A few weeks ago, I started re-reading the Travis McGee mystery/suspense series by John D. MacDonald and realized I loved them as much as always. Some of the attitudes are a bit outdated but McGee was surprisingly ahead of his times. In contrast, a suspense novel written by Helen MacInnes (who was very popular around the time of WWII) didn’t hold up as well. I’d enjoyed it when I was younger but couldn’t even finish it now.

Have you ever re-read a beloved story only to find it hasn’t weathered the years well? Do tell!

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  1. All of the books I tend to reread have held up well: Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice, The Secret Garden. Reading them is like eating comfort food. I keep meaning to reread A Wrinkle in Time, the book I credit with making me a reader. I’m a little nervous about it because I don’t want it to fall short of my memory!

  2. I read Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s Gift from the Sea every summer. Whenever I see a used coies, somewhere, I pick them up and give them to friends on the island where I spend my summers.

  3. Have not re-read any stories that I recall. Well, except some children’s books to review for my new great-grandbabies! I’m the Book GramGram! Having fun with that! I’m with you on the how did all that silver get in my hair. The silver no doubt a mouse gray by now. Who would know? I’ve been hair salon dark haired for years!

  4. I’ve already picked out the silver plus highlights I wan,t and my stylist has assured me she can create that. Better the gray I want than whatever hand Mother Nature deals.

  5. Also, most of the romances from the 80s that I adored are pretty poorly written today. I also thought Forever Amber was a mess when I read it again as an adult.

  6. I revisit good books I have read. I read all of Agatha Christie’s books a long time ago. Now that the movie is out, I decided to refresh my memory and read Murder on The Orient Express again. I enjoyed it s much as I did when I fist read it.
    I grew up reading Louis L’Amour western books and every now and then I reread one of his.
    I will have to try the MacDonald books.
    Happy Thanksgiving

  7. I don’t think that I have re-read anything like this before. If they are a historical story, it doesn’t really matter.

  8. Author

    I loved “A Wrinkle in Time” though not as much as an adult as I did when I was a child. There’s a movie adaptation coming out. The coming attractions have left me pretty doubtful . . . .

  9. Author

    Oh, I haven’t read that one in ages, Susan. I’ll have to pick it up again.

  10. Author

    I gave up the salon struggle – the silver is SO silver! Love that you’re reading to your new great-grandbabies!

  11. I have books that I read 40 years ago that I still love. The Black Stallion by Walter Farley is a book that never loses its age. There was a series of books that I read as a child and read to my own children that my daughter now reads to my granddaughter called The Boxcar Children. Also all the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder never lose their appeal. Thanks for the giveaway, it’s lovely!

  12. Author

    Oh, maybe I’ll try this! Pick my own silver.

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