This is a guest post by the energetic Linda Formichelli, co-author of The Renegade Writer.  If you’ve ever fallen asleep at your computer when you should be working, this post will give you some ideas on what to do differently:   One of the many reasons freelancers procrastinate on writing,Continue Reading

Yesterday I talked about how we can sometimes get a little too narrow-minded in pursuit of goals, filtering out everything extraneous and “irrelevant.”  As writers, though, we need to be exposed to new ideas, new thinking, alternative points of view, so that our work can stay interesting, worthwhile and meaningful.Continue Reading

All too often, we spend so much time behind our computers that we forget there=s a whole world out there waiting for us to explore it.  If you feel isolated and bored, chances are, you=ll lose enthusiasm for your writing.  So a little adventure — getting out from behind theContinue Reading

  In a spate of recent blog posts, other bloggers have written about how to hire people for various jobs, and they suggest questions to ask to help determine whether that person will be able to help you.  The trend I’m noticing is that these bloggers want to know aContinue Reading