This is the time of year when everyone else in publishing seems to take the month off and drink a lot of eggnog.  I, on the other hand, always find myself scrambling to get everything done and feeling overwhelmed by the effort.  Partly this is because I’m thinking, “The year isContinue Reading

If you’re not a Shrek aficionado, this blog post’s title will make you go “huh,” but I like to amuse myself.  This isn’t very hard to do (I’m a lot like Shrek that way).   I know I’ve talked before about the importance of protecting your writing time, but ifContinue Reading

This weekend, I had a chance to sit in on an informal writing program with Carla Cassidy, the author of more than 70 romances and thrillers.  (Find out more about her here).  She’s been writing since 1991, so you do the math – yep, she writes even more than IContinue Reading

I don’t have too much trouble getting my important work done.  I enjoy what I do and look forward to the challenges as much as the opportunities.  What I sometimes have trouble with is getting all the little pesky things accomplished, the pesky things that support my important work, andContinue Reading

Yesterday I talked about how we can sometimes get a little too narrow-minded in pursuit of goals, filtering out everything extraneous and “irrelevant.”  As writers, though, we need to be exposed to new ideas, new thinking, alternative points of view, so that our work can stay interesting, worthwhile and meaningful.Continue Reading