I have always had this idea that my eccentric streak is mostly charming, and therefore not a cause for concern. This idea received a check the other day when I took a look at my passport photo and realized that the woman with those eyes seems more deeply disturbed thanContinue Reading

No doubt half the bloggers in the US are running some sort of post on what they’re grateful for this year and why, because that’s what Thanksgiving is all about here.  And I’m going to be no different. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because nothing happens.  At my house, anyway,Continue Reading

The last roses of summer are sitting on my desk right now, and they smell wonderful.  Every now and then I catch a whiff of them and every time it makes me stop to think how beautiful they are and how lucky I am.  Their distinct perfume isn’t something youContinue Reading

I’m not exactly a teenager anymore, but I still manage to act like one now and then.   On Friday a real hottie walked into the coffeeshop, so what was the first thing I did to catch his eye?  Dumped my mocha all over the front of my t-shirt.  Ah, yes,Continue Reading