Jessica has just come home from her father’s house, and I have already had her lecture on my terrible eating habits (“I made you a menu,” she has informed me. “Why did you eat popcorn and cookies all week?”) and already she has drawn up a new menu full ofContinue Reading

Last year, Jessica and I were talking about our wishes, because we like to wish upon stars. And every time we do, we have the same three wishes: that she will grow big and strong, that we will always have good work to do, and that we will live happily everContinue Reading

Jessica and I are reading the Lord of the Rings series. A couple of months ago, looking for something to do on a weekend, I asked if she would like to watch the movies. “I do not know,” she said. “Okay,” I said. “How about we watch the first oneContinue Reading

The seasonal scolds are out in full force, so no matter what you are doing or are not doing this holiday season, you are surely doing it in a regrettable fashion and you should be ashamed of yourself.  This, however, is not going to be a blog post about whatContinue Reading