What’s Your Book?


That’s my new tagline for Act 3.  (Waaay back in Act 1, I would have snorted tea up my nose if someone had suggested that I needed a tagline.  What can I say?  Times change.)


I love writing books, but I also love helping other writers shape their book ideas and bring them to fruition.  If I may be so immodest, I’m pretty good at it, too.  It’s not just a matter of bringing my understanding of the market and the industry to bear on a particular project.  It has to do with wanting to meet the writer where the writer is, and to not impose my ideas about what the book should be.  Ideally, my experience and expertise will help the writer shape a more marketable book, but won’t alter its substance or the writer’s vision for the book.


This is a lot harder than it sounds, for both the writer and for me.  But it’s work worth doing.  So, to that end, I’m pleased to announce that I am back in the coaching business. 


For writers who have a nonfiction book they’re working on, please be aware that I’m running my book proposal e-course this summer (starting Monday, June 21).  Let me know at jennifer@jenniferlawler.com if you have questions or want further information.


For writers who are interested in expanding their areas of expertise, I’m offering my Freelance Editing 101 e-course  (scroll down the page) through the Renegade Writer, starting July 12.  Again, please e-mail me with questions.


And in fun news, I’ve got a new book coming out later this week – Cold Hands, Warm Hearts (Avalon), a contemporary romance written under my pen name, Jenny Jacobs. 


What’s your book?