On where I work

I usually spend some mornings each week at my favorite coffee shop, working. The change of scenery is good for me, and sometimes if I have to spend one more hour in my own house, I won’t be responsible for my actions.

But occasionally I go somewhere else, because sometimes (not too often!) change is good.

Recently I dropped Jessica off to bowl with a group at the local university’s bowling alley and once you’re on campus and have found parking, it’s best to just stay there, so I did. I ended up working at the student union, which brought back some pleasant memories of my grad school days.

I like the university because people don’t treat it like it’s an outpost of Chuck E. Cheese, not even the people with their small children in tow. (Okay, some of them treat it like Chuck E. Cheese, but most have a little respect.)

Also there are lots of young people there, full of enthusiasm and ideas, passion and feeling. I like that, and some of it will go into the book I’m working on. Also, random people see all your papers spread out, and they think you’re studying for something important, and they call out cheerfully, “Good luck!”

Sometimes (not too often) change is good.


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