On how the work is going

Sometimes the world is a fetid swamp, and other times it’s a glorious sun-kissed beach, usually depending on how the work is going. It’s the same world on Monday as on Tuesday, so I recognize that the difference is in me, and then I jump up and down and yell, “Stop that!” to myself, which, admittedly, isn’t the most effective strategy for turning a fetid swamp into a sun-kissed beach, so then I make myself a nice cup of tea and write about fetid swamps for a while.


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Catch a Falling Star (by Jessica Starre) and The Matchmaker Meets Her Match (by Jenny Jacobs), two of my favorite novels.

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  1. Just catching up… I don’t think I’ve identified quite so much with a single sentence. Love it. And your conversations w/Jessica.
    Here’s to sun-kissed beaches and tea.
    (and, really, fruity drinks with rum & little umbrellas because if you’re going to be on the beach, might as well).

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