On Acts 6 through 124

The past few weeks, I’ve been talking a bit about what I learned from Acts 2 through 5. But probably the most important thing I learned from the exploration was why I tried Acts 2 through 5.

And here’s the thing: I’m always going to be looking for something else/better/different. I get bored easily. I take on a new project, am intimidated by the challenges, do it anyway, learn a lot. Then people expect me to do it again.

Well, the do-it-again part is not that interesting to me. I want to do the next thing. The bigger thing, the harder thing, the slightly different approach to the problem. I am always going to be somewhat dissatisfied in the particulars of my work (though finding out about the grass on the other side has helped me be more contented about it as a whole).

What I realized is that this dissatisfaction is good, even healthy. It keeps me going. It keeps me achieving. It is not a bad thing.

But what would be bad is believing that I will ever find the grail. I’m not. There is no grail. It doesn’t exist. I’m going to keep looking for it, though.

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