On how to make a grimoire

Some people have asked about my post on why I have a grimoire, wanting to know a little more about what goes into it.

First, you do not have to have a totally awesome dragon-embossed tome. You can use almost anything with a cover (or you could use a computer file but how boring is that).



You could use something cute or pretty, like one of these, and no one would ever guess that it’s your grimoire! They would think you kept grocery lists in it. That’s kind of awesome.

But I am not a subtle person and so I like the dragon-embossed tome that is my grimoire.



You totally know what this is just by looking at it. It is the seat of my power! Bwahahaha! Steal it and I am rendered ineffectual.

Anyway. So you can pick whatever you want, and you can put it in it whatever you want, anything that will get the job done. My one rule is that my grimoire has nothing negative in it, not a single charm for causing that editor who just rejected my story to break out in to hives or like that. It isn’t about woe-is-me and those-damned-Yankees or whatever. There are already way too many negative vibes, man. Don’t add to them.

(The first person who can tell me where the quote “Always with the negative waves, Moriarty” comes from will actually win one of the above-pictured grimoires.)

You can make little sketches in your grimoire, although I will warn you that that becomes its own addiction and then you’ll be spending half your life on the Wet Paint Art website finding just the right brush pens to add that little pop of color to your drawings and you probably already have enough to do.

What I try to focus on is the nuance. You can get all the slogans you can stand on Facebook, but they don’t really help when you have an actual problem. And while it can be useful to hear about someone else’s process, your own process is your best guide. Start with some simple things, like a little story about the best time of day for you to write, or your favorite writing tools, or a memory of when you decided to become a writer. Something that is you. Put it in your grimoire, and the next time you doubt, or worry, or wonder WTF? you’ll have a place to go to find a few answers.



  1. Oh great. I was just going to check in for a moment and have a fun read. Now I have to google “Kelly’s Heroes” to find out about Moriarty and that will lead me to something else and first thing you know my morning will be shot. Oh wait, it’s already 1:25 pm. But I’m retired so it’s OK. I don’t have to be productive in the usual sort of way.

    I always enjoy your comments, observations, drawings, sarcasm, etc. etc.

  2. So funny how much we are on the same wavelength. My post on personalizing the cover of your Creative Energy Journal just went out about an hour ago. 🙂

    BTW—For anyone reading this who DOES need to find that perfect brush, Wet Paint Art RULES! They are the absolutely awesomest art supply store on the planet! The website is fun, but if you’re ever in St. Paul, stop in and tell ’em I sent ya. They’ll take super good care of you. And no, I don’t get any kickbacks, I just want them to stay in business. Like the old-fashioned hardware store I used to visit with my grandpa, but art supplies. Art supplies stacked up to the ceiling. Pure heaven! (Can you tell I just got back from there?)

  3. Exactly! I love Oddball. Robin, ping me at jennifer at jenniferlawler dot com with your address so I can mail out a lovely grimoire to you. And let me know if you are a pink and sparkly person or more of a sedate and elegant type.

  4. I love that we’re doing this at the same time even though we didn’t coordinate our schedules.

    And I love Wet Paint Art! I’m also enjoying drawing all these cartoons, which I would never have done if you hadn’t convinced me to try.

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