On the Importance of Having a Skill Set


We are driving around running errands. Jessica is listening to me sigh as the traffic is funneled down to one lane and goes slowly.

Me: They’re doing so much road construction! Maybe they should finish one project before they start another, you know?

Jess: They are building bridges in Kansas City. I saw them with my dad.

Me: Oh yeah?

Jess: Yes. Would you want to build bridges for your job?

Me: I don’t know how to build bridges.

Jess: What would you do if you had to build bridges?

Me: First I would hire someone who knows how to build bridges. It’s not in my skill set.

Jess: What is a skill set?

Me: Things you know how to do and are good at. Like an engineer knows how to calculate the load a bridge has to bear and knows what materials can be used to build it to support that load. And she can make a schematic showing how it should be built.

Jess: And a surgeon knows what kind of surgery to do to help a person get better and can also do the surgery.

Me: Exactly.

Jess: So your skill set is . . . reading.

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