On what I’m working on



I’m working on a novel in a genre that’s new to me and it’s not going well partly because I don’t know what I’m doing (see “genre that’s new to me”) and partly because Jess is back at school and isn’t here to keep me off Facebook during the workday.

Jess: What did you do today?

Me: I worked on the Alice book.

Jess: That’s all you did?

Me: Yes. It takes a while—

Jess: Years.

Me: Well, I do other things in between, like edit books for publishers and fix dinner.

Jess: A lot of years.

Me: It takes time to get it right.

Jess: What if you never do?

Me: Don’t jinx me.

Jess: What?

Me: [long digression regarding the definition of a jinx with examples of things that have been jinxed, like that major deal with that major media company.]

Jess: You actually believe in that?

Me: Yes.

Jess: You don’t believe in anything anyone else believes in but you believe in that.

Me: Yes.

Jess: I bet you don’t believe in jinxes at all. I bet you just don’t like thinking about the question.

Me: I have enough crushing self-doubt as it is.

Jess: You can do anything, Mom.

Me: Thank you.

Jess: Even though it takes you years.


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And in other news:

Becky Lower’s eighth novel in her Cotillion Ball Series will be released by Crimson Romance on September 7. A Widow’s Salvation is about the eldest Fitzpatrick daughter, whose husband was among the first to fall in the Civil War.  Back when I was acquiring books for Crimson, I bought Becky’s first! So much fun to see this series go so far!

And Emily Field’s coming-of-age/science-fiction adventure, The Catalyst, can be found on Amazon. Emily is on Facebook and her website is here.

Rena Koontz’s highly rated contemporary romance, Crystal Clear Lovea Soul Mate Publishing release, is also available on Amazon.