School, just the way I like it

So in my quest to have more play in my life, I went to Mini College last week. It is possible that you do not think going to school qualifies as fun, but I am weird that way. The best thing about Mini College is there are no tests. Also, no grades. You just learn new things, and meet people, and have long philosophical discussions about the meaning of life and whose turn it is to buy the next round.

One of my favorite classes had to do with Balkan music and the asymmetry of language.


These are the things that thrill me.

This year, I stayed in one of the scholarship halls instead of commuting, in order to have the true Mini College experience. The building was dorm-like in all respects expect for the totally awesome porch. I immediately took over one of the swings.


I don’t actually own bunny slippers, but apparently I want to, and so they’re in the drawing.

There was also a very cute boy, but as you know I save myself for Greek sailors.

I was able to hang out with some old friends and make some new ones. I did not think about work at all, except for those twenty-three minutes on Thursday.

I took a class on memory and memoir with one of my favorite professors from grad school, Jerry Masinton, and that led me to think about the ways in which I have changed.



And also the ways in which I have not. I am still extremely sarcastic, and Professor Masinton still thinks I have potential.


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