On the sneakiness of ideas

Jess and I were recently on vacation, and I had no inclination to do any work. I didn’t bring my laptop, and my phone wasn’t working right so I couldn’t even check emails, so PERFECT.

One rainy afternoon we stopped in at a beachside cafe to let the storm pass. Jess was watching everyone inside and I was watching the storm outside, and suddenly I had AN IDEA.

They sneak up on me in all kinds of places.




Although they almost never show up when I’m at my desk waiting patiently for them.

I had a pen with me but not a notebook. You’d think the Queen of Journal Collecting would have a notebook on hand.



But no.


I grab a napkin and get to work. But it turns out that I don’t have just one idea, I have a whole book blooming in my brain.

Me: You have got to pin these suckers down the minute they show up.

Jess: What?

Me (scribbling madly): Ideas! Corner them, tree them, whatever, but write those suckers down!

Jess: Okay. Good to know.

Me: More napkins!!!

Jess: Whole dispenser right here.

Me: My god I am so screwed if these get rained on.





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