“Either I will find a way, or I will make one.”

The Elizabethan poet Philip Sidney wrote that line centuries ago, but it’s exactly what any of my heroes and heroines would say today. My work—all of it, from my most lighthearted novel (Catch a Falling Star written as Jessica Starre) to my most popular book (Dojo Wisdom) to my most widely read essay (“For Jessica”)—is about finding a way. With love and determination, anything is possible.

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Lesson #2 or Experience B or Opportunity 3.0

I admit I haven’t quite decided the best way to go about this—revisiting Dojo Wisdom. Do I call these pieces lessons when I’m not sure what they are? But I’m trying to do more than just share some random thoughts that cross my mind. Maybe this is one of those things I’ll find out as […]

What Readers Are Saying

“Your writing helped me escape when the pain was almost too much to bear."

- Lessons in Magic

“I took the magazine out of the recycling bin so I could read your story again.”

– “Refresher Course” in KU Alumni magazine

“I may have cried a little, both happy and sad tears.”

Catch a Falling Star