Dojo Wisdom for Writers, Second Edition

By Jennifer Lawler

Inspire Yourself to Become a Black-Belt Writer!

When black belt Jennifer Lawler first started training in the martial arts, she never imagined that learning how to kick people would teach her how to become a more accomplished and successful writer. But she soon discovered that the skills she learned in the dojo (training hall)—how to focus, stay disciplined, and persevere—would help her realize her dreams off the mat.

Now a successful author and writing coach, Lawler shares 100 essential lessons from the martial arts that will help you master the craft of writing and build your writing career.

“Dojo Wisdom for Writers is a rare and lovely guide to the writing life. The advice from the martial artist author is both practical and inspirational, and it must be said: Jennifer Lawler is a kickass writer.” – Mary O’Connell, author of The Sharp Time and Living with Saints.

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