A Day in the Life

Yesterday I sat down at the desk with a cup of tea shortly after seven-thirty.  By nine-thirty, I had:  

  1. read a client’s proposal and offered feedback
  2. started working on pitch
  3. responded to a request for further information from an editor interested in a client’s project, which required a couple of phone calls and two e-mails
  4. talked with a client about my strategy for her book
  5. wrote a blog post
  6. started compiling a list of editors to pitch a client’s project, which required mining my list of contacts, the agency’s list of contacts, plus the super-secret database that only the special publishing cabal knows about (that was a joke, in case you’re wondering)
  7. read a potential client’s proposal, but had to pass
  8. talked with a client about platform building strategies
  9. followed up on several outstanding submissions
  10. wrote a note that will eventually go to web guy about website updates
  11. turned down a couple of queries – all interesting, but nothing I felt strongly that I could sell

And I still feel like I didn’t get anything done.


  1. That is a productive two hours, wow? Isn’t it amazing how much we can get done and still feel as though we haven’t achieved a thing?

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