On visiting the eye doctor

Picking Jessica up from school:

Jessica: Why are you wearing sunglasses?

Me: Eye doctor today. He put drops in. You know, to dilate my pupils. So now the sun hurts my eyes.

Jessica: Did you sit still for the eye drops?

Me: Yes, I did.

Jessica: Did you cry? Or whine?

Me: No, I sucked it up.

Jessica: Good job, Mom!

Me: You know, your standards are kind of low.

Jessica: Yes, I know.


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  1. Just a thought. Do you read Calvin and Hobbes? I see a striking similarity in your conversations with Jessica and Calvin’s conversations with Hobbes. In both cases I like to call it “everyday wisdom”.

  2. Oh, I love Calvin and Hobbes but it never occurred to me that there was a similarity. Jess does have a way of cutting to the chase. She’s a very clear young woman.

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