I am doing an in-person interview because the editor who has hired me to write the piece I’m working on prefers her writers to do in-person interviews. This is important only because while I understand the point—it helps build rapport with someone you are about to ask a bunch ofContinue Reading

On Wednesday Jessica had an early release day from school and so we went into the studio and made some glass. Jessica is a glass artist, an eighteen-year-old senior in high school, my daughter and my ward. She is cognitively impaired and through a painful and too-lengthy guardianship process, herContinue Reading

This is a Halloween essay from 2011.   This weekend, at Jessica’s behest, we decorated the house for Halloween. Now, at your house, Halloween may be all black and orange and eerie music, but at our house, it is quite pink and sparkly. The witch’s broom glitters, and the pumpkinContinue Reading