The other day I was at a restaurant trying to get a margarita. The waiter pointed to the menu and suggested some god-awful abomination that included pineapple and herbs. Before he could spout all of the ingredients in this hideous affront to civilized drinking, I put my hand on hisContinue Reading

I recently mentioned Terry Pratchett, who occasionally writes about a young witch, Tiffany Aching, and her obnoxious chums, the Wee Free Men, and if you haven’t read Sir Terry, you should. At any rate, he was still on my mind when I started writing this post, and I thought itContinue Reading

So last week’s post was a little short on specifics other than the admonition to do the damned work. It’s a good admonition, and you really can’t go wrong with it, but here’s one thing I do to impose some sort of shape and coherence on all of the thingsContinue Reading