I usually skate over typos in books (Columbia for Colombia, for example) although as I’ve mentioned before sometimes these things pull me out of a story.  But this week, I ran across a typo made repeatedly in a book that just made me laugh (not the response the writer was hopingContinue Reading

The other day I was at the coffee shop when the train delivering newsprint to the newspaper plant next door rolled in.  It let out a long low whistle that sounded something like a foghorn.  The barista remarked, “That always reminds me of the call to arm in Lord ofContinue Reading

The other day, I went to tuck my daughter in bed (she’s still young enough that she needs to be tucked) and discovered that she had taken a copy of my romance in with her and was trying her very best to read it.  Since it’s a short, sweet contemporary,Continue Reading

Yesterday my daughter said, “I love how your hair sparkles!”  Sparkling hair!  It must be that amazing new conditioner.  No, wait, I’m not using an amazing new conditioner.  I glanced in the mirror.  I looked like my normal self, no stray glitter from a craft project or anything like that. Continue Reading

Received this notice in my inbox: “Dalai Lama (OHHDLInfo) is now following your updates on Twitter.” I realize this is only because I’m following him, not because he’s hoping to gain insight from my tweets, but still, it makes me smile. And if you’d like to follow me, I’ll followContinue Reading