In the course of any given day, I have lots of conversations with lots of writers.  A consistent theme in the past few months has revolved around “doing the work.”  In fact, it’s become kind of a sign-off mantra with a friend of mine: “Okay, I’m off to Do The Work.”  It can beContinue Reading

A version of this article appeared some years back in Martial Arts magazine, and though it has to do with martial arts training, quite a lot of it is applicable to motivating yourself to do anything.  Hope you enjoy — Jennifer     It happens to everyone sooner or later. Continue Reading

I’m getting ready to start another day of motivational boot camp with writer-buddy Linda Formichelli.  If you don’t know what motivational boot camp is, read this post.  If you’ve never done it, try it.  You’ll get more accomplished in one day than you normally do in a week.  Of course,Continue Reading

Yesterday I was having a bit of trouble getting motivated, for the usual reasons – a slew of rejections, a couple of them unexpected and dispiriting, a bunch of pitches that had obviously wandered into the black hole of non-response, a rainy dark morning and a kid who wanted toContinue Reading