Getting through the tough slog of whatever goal you’re trying to achieve can be accomplished if you have enough resolve – grit, determination, single-mindedness, whatever you want to call it.  It isn’t enough to have a goal and a list of steps you’re going to take to get there –Continue Reading

The other day I was reading Dashiell Hammett (The Maltese Falcon, in case you’re wondering) and thinking you can’t go wrong emulating him.  Then I realized you could go wrong emulating him, because he’s already done the hard-boiled PI thing, and some parts of the book don’t stand up toContinue Reading

A martial arts master once told me, “You have to practice a kick at least 10,000 times before you start to understand it.”  Now, if he had told me that on my first day of class, I would probably have been a little discouraged, but I wasn’t a beginner atContinue Reading

Whenever you embark on any goal or process — especially one that may not yield immediate results, such as learning a new skill, losing weight or writing a book — you can start off with a blast of determination but find that you falter when you hit a plateau orContinue Reading