Like most agents, I have to reject the vast majority of pitches I get.  Even if I loved them all, I simply don’t have the time to represent three hundred thousand writers, give or take.  So I have to pick the writers I think have a good, salable project andContinue Reading

This is the time of year when everyone else in publishing seems to take the month off and drink a lot of eggnog.  I, on the other hand, always find myself scrambling to get everything done and feeling overwhelmed by the effort.  Partly this is because I’m thinking, “The year isContinue Reading

Today I was going to write a gentle blog post about how to conduct your relationship with your agent/potential agent, but Jessica over at Bookends beat me to it.  Two of the most important things she says are, “I don’t want an author who disrespects me” and “agents are onlyContinue Reading