In the course of any given day, I have lots of conversations with lots of writers.  A consistent theme in the past few months has revolved around “doing the work.”  In fact, it’s become kind of a sign-off mantra with a friend of mine: “Okay, I’m off to Do The Work.”  It can beContinue Reading

You’re probably wondering if I know I have a typo in the title to this blog post.  And indeed, the power of yes might be an interesting post to write someday.  But I really am talking about the power of yet.   The other day, my daughter Jessica and IContinue Reading

If you’re not a Shrek aficionado, this blog post’s title will make you go “huh,” but I like to amuse myself.  This isn’t very hard to do (I’m a lot like Shrek that way).   I know I’ve talked before about the importance of protecting your writing time, but ifContinue Reading

A long time ago I wrote a novel I loved.  Loved.  It was a flawed novel, as many beginning efforts are, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t love it.  I still love that novel, even though I’m perfectly well aware of its imperfections.  I may in fact love it becauseContinue Reading

Getting through the tough slog of whatever goal you’re trying to achieve can be accomplished if you have enough resolve – grit, determination, single-mindedness, whatever you want to call it.  It isn’t enough to have a goal and a list of steps you’re going to take to get there –Continue Reading