This is the time of year when everyone else in publishing seems to take the month off and drink a lot of eggnog.  I, on the other hand, always find myself scrambling to get everything done and feeling overwhelmed by the effort.  Partly this is because I’m thinking, “The year isContinue Reading

If you’re not a Shrek aficionado, this blog post’s title will make you go “huh,” but I like to amuse myself.  This isn’t very hard to do (I’m a lot like Shrek that way).   I know I’ve talked before about the importance of protecting your writing time, but ifContinue Reading

People are often surprised to learn that even full-time writers, such as moi, struggle to find time to write.  You’d think that without the demands of a day job doing something else, a writer would be able to devote hours every day to writing.  That’s not true.  It’s especially not trueContinue Reading